What is Atlas?

Atlas Care and Atlas Touch offers an innovative solution for neck well-being. Developed in collaboration with experts, Atlas Care represents a new kind of ergonomic design and ease of use that adapts to your everyday life. Try it and feel the difference - your neck will thank you.

A natural treatment

Help for neck stiffness without drugs

No side effects

Safe to use - no side effects

Durable help

Focuses on root causes and not just temporary relief of symptoms

One time cost

Saves money in the long run


What is the difference between Atlas?


Atlas Care

Atlas Care is a neck stretcher that is suitable for everyone. Thanks to the tall structure, this is suitable for users who, for example, have poor posture. This is why we always recommend starting with Atlas Care.

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Atlas Touch

Atlas Touch feels more like a touch, but this may not create enough pressure for everyone due to body structure. Therefore , we recommend you to try both devices. You have 14 days from picking up the order to try which device suits you and return one or both if the device doesn't suit you.

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+100 reviews

We have received significant and even sensational reviews about the benefits of our devices.

100% Finnish

All our devices are manufactured in Finland, in Rauma.

97% customer satisfaction

Based on over 4000 orders.

2023 Health product of the year

Our device was chosen in Kauneus ja Terveys magazine as the health product of the year - Best device.

Guarantees of Reliability and Quality

JVT Wellness emphasizes the trust and satisfaction of its customers by presenting more than 100 positive reviews about the effectiveness of its products. As a proud Finnish company, all products are made in Finland, in Rauma. Customer satisfaction is top notch, 97% based on over 4000 orders, reflecting high customer satisfaction. In addition, the company's Atlas Touch has been awarded the "Health Product of the Year 2023" title in the selection of Kauneus ja Terveys magazine, which strengthens the reputation and popularity of the products.

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JVT Wellness

We are a company operating in the wellness and health sector in Finland. We believe that health is the most important thing and we want to offer our customers the best possible support on their journey to a better and healthier life.

Our selection includes products such as devices to relieve neck stiffness and massage tools. All our products are developed by our company and of guaranteed Finnish quality.

We deliver our products quickly and reliably all over Finland. We also have a customer service team ready to help you with all your questions and needs.

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